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2019-04-22 Emotion detection at the Airport

I have been traveling domestically and internationally. It has been a problem with security checks. when I started looking at the faces, I was thinking about how do I identify a person with bad intentions in the group. There was a lot of things crossed in my mind, Psychology, Criminal Interrogation, and Confessions. sometimes TSA asks a few trick questions and watches our reactions. Why don’t we use facial recognition and find the emotion of the traveler? it makes easier to screen hundreds of people in a short period of time.

2019-05-02 A funny AI

Alexa! Tell me Joke!

“I like my coffee like I like my war: cold.” 

 So far all the artificially intelligent personal assistance are machine learning and randomly planing what is already recorded.

I am interested in whether my intelligent machine can understand my humor sense. Can I make a machine be funny? Humor is differing per to person. How I can make an Artificial system which is funny and control me to be funny

“People have had some success in defining what would constitute humor,” says Abhijit Thatte, Assistant Vice President of Technology and Practice Leader for Artificial Intelligence at Aricent, a global design, and engineering firm. “But it’s not been completely codified.”

As even full-time stand-up comics would admit, there is no magic formula to produce the perfect joke. Much of what makes us laugh depends on subtle factors such as context or body language. “Sometimes even we humans don’t know why a joke is funny,” says Thatte. 

reference :

2019-05-03 Pictures and finding Emotion

I guess facebook and Google Photos might be doing the emotional reading from your picture posted on their domain. How do we calculate an emotion based on their picture?

2019-05-04 Elderly Care and AI

There is an unprecedented growth in the percentage of aging population throughout the world, particularly in growing economies such as Europe, Japan, and China. Form 2000 to 2050, the percentage of the world’s population who is 60 years of age and older will approximately double from about 12% to 22% (from 605 million to 2 billion). (Shourjya S, 2019)

Elderly people –

Most affecting emotions are Vulnerability, loneliness, boredom, and isolation.

How AI can help?

  • Companionship
  • Smart Device
  • Early Detection of depression

2019-05-07 Yoga and Emotions

No, I am not talking about Yoga that involves physical exercises and tries to reduce weight.

There are some yoga’s to manage your emotions and depression. There is some inner engineering course to manage body, mind, emotions, and the fundamental life energy within. Is it possible to compute the effectiveness of those courses by involving the Artificially Intelligent system? like the intensity of angry before and after yoga practice. Is it possible to make the AI coach manage a person’s angry?

2019-05-08 Mood refreshing bot

When you want ‘decompress’ yourself, you may take a walk, drink coffee, eat chocolate, take a nap, etc. this experimental bot might refresh your brain scientifically by just asking or telling something that you would be surprised. It’s not just a piece of recorded music. An AI mechanism, “understands” your mood, intensity, and the situation.

2019-05-09: Can I make you fall in love by asking questions?

I heard a funny commercial. A female asking a few questions to a male. After a few questions, he is excited and said: “I love you”. Its 15-20 seconds advertisement. My question is, can we design an EAI machine make you fall in love? the collection and categorization of human behavior and combination of ML, I believe it is possible

2019-05-09: Love at First sight

Who do we love? Who loves us? And why? Is love really a mystery, or can neuroscience offer some answers to these age-old questions? our most important sex and love organ and the whole smorgasbord of our many kinds of love-from the bonding of parent and child to the passion of erotic love, the affectionate love of companionship, the role of animals in our lives, and the love of God.” (Horstman, J., & Scientific, A. S. , 2011)

What makes “love at first sight ?” Is it possible to give ONE search result in google or car that you’d love at first sight?


Horstman, J., & Scientific, A. S. (2011). The scientific american book of love, sex and the brain : The neuroscience of how, when, why and who we love. Retrieved from

2019-05-09 Continues Learning Machine

The only way a machine can get smarter is continuous learning. somehow the machine needs to know how to learn. The human can teach a machine how to learn by itself. Just imitating baby’s learning. Continuously learning, testing the learning, check for impact and correct it by itself. The machine needs to be set to autopilot mode so that the machine learns more, human does not need to set the rules for the machine.

2019-05-10 Distributed AI systems

I was talking about our AI class and how things are going with my class with my colleague. He is currently into sophisticated Data Science with Voice query and ML. I was telling about how humans are far greater machine than any computer AI system.

During the conversation, We came across Distributed AI system. Basically, it is a vast computer network with daemon and agents help each other to become a better intelligent system.

Intelligent Agents that interact to make the above considerations more concrete, a closer look has to be taken on multiagent systems and thus on “interacting, intelligent agents”:

“Agents” are autonomous, computational entities that can be viewed as perceiving their environment through sensors and acting upon their environment through effectors. To say that agents are computational entities simply means that they physically exist in the form of programs that run on computing devices. To say that they are autonomous means that to some extent they have control over their behavior and Call act without the intervention of humans and other systems. Agents pursue goals or carry out tasks in order to meet their design objectives, and in general, these goals and tasks can be supplementary as well as conflicting.• “Intelligent” indicates that the agents pursue their goals and execute their tasks such that they optimize some given performance measures. To say that agents are intelligent does not mean that they are omniscient or omnipotent, nor does it mean that they never fail. Rather, it means that they operate flexibly and rationally in a variety of environmental circumstances, given the information they have and their perceptual and effectual capabilities supplementary as well as conflicting.

• “Intelligent” indicates that the agents pursue their goals and execute their tasks such that they optimize some given performance measures. To say that agents are intelligent does not mean that they are omniscient or omnipotent, nor does it mean that they never fail. Rather, it means that they operate flexibly and rationally in a variety of environmental circumstances, given the information they have and their perceptual and effectual capabilities

Weiss, G. (1999). Multiagent Systems : A Modern Approach to Distributed Artificial Intelligence. Cambridge, Mass: The MIT Press.

2019-05-10 Rule Based system: Toddler Observation

I was watching my daughter’s toddler video. She is around 2.5 years old. She loves M&M but unable to hold a plastic bag and pick one and eat. We usually put it in a plastic cup. In that particular video, she was holding a cup with both hands. Elder sister dropped a few m&m. now my daughter wants to pick on but can’t hold the cup with on hand and pick one. She is thinking for long (8-10 seconds). Those 10 seconds are important for the AI

2019-05-11 Early Childhood Education – AI

Integration of educational technology in early childhood education is a more recent trend compared to the other levels of education. This fact creates the need to develop, apply and study the application of resources and methodologies specifically addressed to young children. Artificial
Intelligence approaches have been incorporated into educational technology resources providing improved interaction to learners. (Prentzas, J., 2013)

How this can be done? As a computer Engineer /Architect ?

Prentzas, J. (2013). Artificial Intelligence Methods in Early Childhood Education.

2019-05-12 Mothers day!

My mother never asks anything! I never understand what she likes. She loves to talk with me over the phone for hours (she is in India). Whenever I send something cash, phones, gifts from local stores… I would never be able to capture feelings whether she liked it or not.

I need an intelligent system embedded with my smartphone and understand the conversation and show me the result. Since it is my mom, I can discuss the results.

Which algorithm would be useful? regularization?
a hierarchical structure composed of many nonlinear layers? Tree?

Goal is just to know what gift I suppose to give to my loved ones?

2019-05-14 “Selfish” agents.

Can I make an agent selfish? The main job of the selfish agent is to protect its resources, data, rules, prioritizing health over other agents, and ultimately wants to live for longer.

The agent should be intelligent enough to know which agent is friendly, which agent is a foe. It will be interesting to study and compute Friendly Vs. enemy categorization.

Probably, If it runs on windows, it might mark all of its daemon jobs as enemy 🙂

2019-05-17 Get rich by designing AI Stock market agent

The market is going up and down. I don’t see a reason or I see only fake/artificial reason. Basically, stockholders dump stocks once they see enough profit. So as another few million stockholders dump the stock and drive the price down. after 3 days, the stocks come back. we can build an artificially intelligent agent to buy and sell continuously based on sentiment in the market. Current systems are rule-based and it is not efficient as AI, I guess.

2019-05-20 Self Driving Cars (Robot Uber)

This my wild dream!. Every day morning, I woke up and have a team meeting before starting my work day. But my team is not humans’. Its a group AI-powered self-driving cars that can be rented. I talk with it and say which area they are going to cover (asking volunteers for a field) and disburse. Next day we talk about accomplishments, issues, and suggestions in a SCRUM format.

2019-05-21 Driver Alert System

I listen to songs and sing loudly when I was driving to/from work in order to keep myself energetic. Can AI centered car can identify my mood and intensity. Probably, It can alert me or find more about my day and give some suggestion. It’s more about augmenting your intelligence with additional information. Maybe, work with all other connected devices at home. Play “good” news across the world and create some positive atmosphere in the car.

Some latest car models can detect you whether you are driving normal or need rest or coffee. It displays alert. We might want to expand the system to more than just display alert.

2019-05-25 measuring value of Intelligence

Suppose we grade persons by how much the person knows, just like grading in class, isn’t the person have more memory has better grade? if it is the case, if have an intelligent gadget that answers all your questions, and you don’t have it, should I be graded better?

Probably, we should grade a person based on how much he knows and how the person produces (money, thesis, machines and etc) by using it.

We are in the world where most of the human things are taken over by smart gadgets. we are much more richer than any one in the history. King of kings doesn’t even know or see what is going on in his country unless someone say to him. now I can watch live whatever is going on in the world. Am I live in the world where some 100 years ago, our ancestors imagined heaven much be like this?:)

2019-05-26 World Intelligent sunglass to read foreign language books.

I wish I can design a sunglass with intelligent built-in with that I can read any language books, letters. The idea is that the glass has a screen in front of my eye, and a camera to see. The camera catches the foreign language, translates to my language and display to my eyes. Even though I hold a foreign language book, still I would feel like reading in English. The intelligent machine sits in between me and the book and translates dynamically as I read it.

2019-05-27 What if the “MATRIX” movie is true?

The movie story line is

A programmer is brought back to reason and reality when learning he was living in a program created by gigantic machines which make human birth artificial. In order to set humanity free, Neo will have to face many enemies by using technologies and self-trust.

Every vision, sound, taste, touch, and smell all five senses are controlled by an AI system called Oracle from the birth. Some rebel group wakes up from the AI controlled sleep and fights against the AI created agents by going into the AI controlled dream world.

I am typing are reading.. what if this is just AI created? What if it is still real?

2019-06-01 A song Stuck in my head

We have sometimes heard a song and music which will be stuck in our head and feels like never get rid of it. Why? Is there any mechanism to stuck song tp your brain? Is there any accidental hypnotism? How do i reverse engineer it? Btw, what is hypnotism? How do I train my AI agent to have this quality?

2019-06-02 Artificial Intelligent Hypnosis Possible?

It appears to be possible. CIA (U.S.A) has published an excellent explanation under “Hypnosis in Interrogation.”

The view that hypnosis is a state of artificially induced sleep has been widely held since Braid 7invented the term in mid-nineteenth-century. Currently, Pavlov 20 takes a similar position in maintaining that cortical inhibition, sleep, and hypnosis are essentially identical. This view is now held throughout those parts of the world where Pavlovian theory is accepted as creed, but to the American investigator, the experimental evidence against it appears overwhelming. Bass,3 for example, has shown that the patellar–kneecap–reflex, which disappears in sleep, is not diminished in hypnosis.


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